Tearing The Wallpaper

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oats + almonds + pistachios + dried cranberries + prunes + flax seeds + few minutes boiled honey.
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Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851 ?Land’s End c.1834 via Tate
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Anonymous: Thank you. Thank you so much. I can't tell you why I'm thanking your, or even what you did. But if it weren't for you.... I don't know. Thank you so much.

All the glory goes to God! If there is anything good coming from me, it is because of Him! I am so touched by your message to me, but I want to encourage you even more and let you know that Jesus loves you so much that He died for you. If there is anything else that you need, know that Jesus is MIGHTY to save; call on HIS name, JESUS, and He will save you in whatever your situation! Also know that people like me are always here for you. God will make all things work for your good! He won’t waste the years in your life; God will cause every moment of your life to work for His will in one way or another to bring His Heaven ON EARTH. You are not alone, Jesus has been and will continue to be WITH YOU all the days of your life. Know, that you are not alone because there are many people who are HERE FOR YOU and want the best for you, myself included. You are not a waste of time, you are a beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made creation; God’s thoughts towards you are MORE NUMEROUS than the grains of sand! He never has, and never will, leave you. He loves you too much.

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful person! Thank You that You love them endlessly! Thank You that when they need to be picked up, You catch them and put them on Your shoulder; You save the lost! Thank You God that I know, personally, what that is like, and I know that You will not fail us. You are a faithful Shepherd. Thank You that even when we stray, you bring us back home to You and Your flock! AND YOU NEVER FORGET US <3
I pray Your blessings for this person, and all their family. I pray Your love is shown to them, and that Your will be done in their lives. You have the greatest plans for us!! SO, we invite Your Holy Spirit to guide us, in the name of Jesus Christ, THANK YOU JESUS,

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ph. alasdair Mclellan (détail)
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Yossy Arefi
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this coffee shop is cold and i miss you. i wish you were sitting across from me, doodling out your thoughts and ideas because you know we’re both visual learners. i’ll have my hot tea, we’ll talk about the prayers we both need, and we’ll lose track of time.